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A message from Goldie Marks

President of Hollywood Heaven Look Alikes & Entertainment.

Welcome to Hollywood Heaven!

It all started with a dream!

I am a lover of music and acting and I have always been very intrigued by Hollywood! As a young girl at the tender age of 8 years old I would pretend I was in a movie and just take myself away to this fantasy land that I created envisioning myself on a red carpet in a beautiful gown with fabulous hair and makeup, meeting & greeting so many celebrities and fans. I would also sit in my room writing songs and record them as if I was in a recording studio. I wrote my first song at 8 years old. In my early 20’s that dream came true! I decided to take the industry by storm and create my own Hollywood in Toronto! I decided to only rep the highest calibre of talent in the industry so my clients knew all they had to do was tell me what they want, and I would do the rest. No stress, no worries! The perfect event experience, every time. Repeat business says it all! 22 years later Hollywood Heaven is an award winning Entertainment Agency known for it’s stellar reputation, high end talent, reliability, professionalism, excellent customer service and some the best entertainment in Canada! Hollywood Heaven Look Alikes & Entertainment offers cutting edge, unique, chic and high end entertainment perfect for any event! Specializing in Entertainment for Corporate Events, Meeting Planners, Conventions, Weddings, Anniversary Parties, Social Parties, Birthday Parties, Trade Shows, & Galas. Some of my top entertainers have even been featured in 2 reality shows on TLC & Slice. The hit shows “Brides Of Beverly Hills” & “Party Mamas” Hollywood Heaven has also been featured in Chatelaine magazine, The Globe & Mail, The Toronto Star and The Toronto Sun.


When the reality shows & media starts calling to feature you in an episode, give you a shout out or feature you in a documentary, then you know your hard work is truly paying off! You can always rely on having the most incredible event experience, big or small with Hollywood Heaven. When you are booking an event you are not only receiving my talent, but you are also receiving many years of hard work, dedication, devotion and a piece of my heart and soul. I am very thankful for my incredible talent and incredible clients that have come to put their trust in me for 22 years and I look forward to the next 22 years!

A big “Thank You” to everyone that has supported me in my dreams!

You are in Great Hollywood Hands!

Warm regards,

About Zahava

“Hollywood Divas Live” tribute show featuring world renown Celebrity Tribute artist, Zahava! Playing a LIVE tribute to Marilyn Monroe, Shania Twain, Joan Rivers & Katy Perry!

As a young girl, Zahava loved to sing and fell in love with Marilyn Monroe upon receiving an image of Marilyn and watching the film “Gentleman Prefer Blondes” Zahava wanted to know more about this beautiful soft spoken comedic actress. She always felt a real personal connection to Marilyn, which is why she is able to portray the icon so perfectly. She read many books written about Marilyn, watched all her films and went into acting. She wanted to present Marilyn in the most beautiful and positive light. She always saw Marilyn as a delicate soul and loved her ability to captivate an audience. Zahava’s first impromptu show was in Jamaica on stage at a resort while on vacation at the age of 9. She was elated when she received a standing ovation and quickly realized this was her true calling in life! She sang “It’s a small world after all” Singing made her feel so free, happy and alive. She was singing in high school fashion shows at 17 and for Weddings at the age of 21 professionally with a band. Music touches her heart and soul. She can even sing in several languages.

Zahava adores dressing up and looking elegant. Just like her idol Marilyn.


Becoming Marilyn….In her early 20’s while working at an advertising agency, Zahava explored costuming and telegrams and had such a huge response from it, within one year she was able to quit her full time job and signed on with an agency just a few short years later. She always ensured every gown was tailored identically as the original by having them all custom made. Zahava worked hard at recreating the timeless soft spoken beauty. She visits Marilyn’s crypt almost every year on Marilyn’s birthday to pay her respects to her success. She also stayed in the Roosevelt Hotel in her suite where Marilyn had stayed for a short time. She has an extensive collection of artifacts that once belonged to the silver screen icon Marilyn Monroe.

Becoming Shania….One day Zahava heard a few Shania Twain songs on the radio and said “I must include these in my wedding shows setlist!” Zahava soon after met Shania Twain’s makeup artist in Toronto who transformed her stage presence and look. Since 1998 Zahava has been featured as Shania Twain at a multitude of special events all across Canada with her 7 piece band. When Zahava met Shania Twain, Shania was astonished at the resemblance and autographed a photo of Zahava in honour of her devotion. Zahava is a real  Shania fan and saw her in Las Vegas several times. She has since met Shania two more times.

Becoming Joan….Zahava was always a Joan Rivers fan. Her honesty and hysterical personality on red carpet shows and on ‘Fashion Police’ made her realize this is my next tribute! Joan is known for saying what everyone thinks with a splash of sense of humour. How can you not enjoy Joan and her famous jokes & her smokey voice is one of a kind! Joan would be proud to see Zahava in action, she is a true look-­alike and riot! Zahava has been featured on several radio shows, featured in the Toronto Sun, Chatelaine magazine, Toronto Star and the Globe & Mail. Zahava continues to carry on her legacy of comedy. Katy Perry came next in a dream. After learning Katy’s top hits and having her famous outfits made, her fourth celebrity character was born!

Zahava’s celebrity characters are a perfect combination of class, humour, wit, talent and creativity. Zahava hand picked all these roles because they truly encompass who she is. She has a fire within her that is rare to see and she is a gifted performer. She shockingly recreates all 4 personas in one evening! Zahava is celebrating over 20 years as a successful tribute artist. Her passion is her driving force! If you’re looking for a real celebrity experience book Zahava for your next event today!

The media just loves Hollywood Heaven! Check out some of the top media outlets such as Chatelaine magazine, Toronto Star, Toronto Sun, Globe & Mail, and many more we have been featured in including various reality shows!

Zahava As Shania Twain Documentary – Toronto Sun




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